Every House Has a Story!

On this year’s Tour there were 18 private homes in town and plantations in the country! Also included, six historic public spaces.


Beverly Hall, 1810
National Register of Historic Places

Dr. Dillard’s Library, 1870s

Mulberry Hill, 1798
National Register of Historic Places

Greenfield, 1752
National Register of Historic Place

Booth House, 1779

Shelton Plantation, 1817

Millen-Hathaway Frances House, 1775

Folk-Taylor House, 1899

Skinner-Paxton House, 1820

The Carriage House, part of Beverly Hall Complex

Mount Auburn, 18th Century

Long Beach, 1901

Chapanoke House, part of Beverly Hall complex

Edenton Cotton Mill, 1899, two renovated condominiums

Robert B. Drane House, 1897

Blount-Leary West Customs House, 1772

Hatch House, 1744

Penelope Barker House Welcome Center, 1782

Cupola House, 1758

Iredell House, 1800

Chowan County Courthouse, 1767 (celebrating its 250th birthday)

Roanoke River Lighthouse, 1886

Ziegler House, 1892